Video Projects

Below are a few of the projects in which Jackie has participated that can be found on the internet. 

Escape the Night 
with Joey Graceffa

Cursed YouTuber sensation, Joey Graceffa,  finds himself guiding a number of invited social media personalities into solving puzzles and voting each other off to survive the night and not be slain by various monsters and evils.

The Butterfly Circus

A circus troupe brightens the spirits of audiences in Depression-era America and inspires hope in a limbless man from a sideshow.



The Gingerbread Woman

A behind the scenes clip.

Cowboys and Indians: 
The Great Diversion

Gustavo Aguilar and Juan Cabrera, Mexican day laborers, are confronted by an angry protest against illegal immigration, which results in an enlightenment of grammar and ideas.

The Meltdown Pot

A Muslim-American Mr. Mom, a porn-star and a Rabbi make up this great big meltdown pot.

Assistant Living

This show follows the lives of four friends who work as assistants to the higher ups in each of their industries. The crazy antics and hilarity ensue.

SNL - Slumber Party

Hollywood Fight Club presents A Tribute to Saturday Night Live! This sketch comedy troupe performs in classic black box style. The skit is the iconic SLUMBER PARTY.

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